Why You Must Insist on Complete Lucidity Systems..

Observing Truck and Trailer combinations on our nation’s roads these days is certainly nothing new. And you could be forgiven for thinking that these vehicles fit together seamlessly and that their pairing is simply automatic. As technology continues to drive this industry, the above statement could not be further from the truth. Increasing payload, increasing return on investment and ensuring the combinations operate correctly are all matters of a reliable compliant combination. All that while there are pressures to be more competitive on price than ever before inclusive of all the latest technology to ensure safe, reliable and on-time deliveries.

These stories are difficult to tell as a lot of the industry buries its head in the sand on certain topics. Simply pretending something does not exist, doesn’t mean it’s not there and that it won’t affect you! What are we talking about? The integration of electrics on truck and trailer combinations. There are lighting companies, there are wire harness companies and there are suppliers within the industry that have the odds and bobs to tick a box on a specification sheet when you make your purchase. Other items that make your product work like chargers, switches and power supplies for solenoids etc. But does it all work! Does it all work with the variety of equipment you have in your fleet? Will it work when you need it to and will it serve its purpose in this tough industry? Well simply ticking a box and relying on a combination of old partners is not enough anymore, you are going to be left behind and your equipment will not operate correctly. A lighting supplier does not think of the wiring supplier, the wiring supplier only considers their part as does the supplier of a charger and or a solenoid for steering locks…

Another very important part of this story is the various voltages found in the Australian Market.

12 Volts, 24 Volts and reduced 24 Volts. All seems easy right, WRONG. Everyone in the industry needs to be aware of the third voltage in our industry. The reduced 24 Volts supply… It is assumed to be 12 Volts DC, I can tell you it is far from it. Many important pieces of equipment won’t operate on reduced 24 Volts and in some cases, you could unknowingly cause a fire and or failure of materials on your trailer or truck if the components fitted do not take into consideration the third industry Voltage, Reduced 24 Volts.

At Lucidity, we design your electrical package to work seamlessly. We can light, wire and charge your products all from one supplier. If the package is designed by our team at Lucidity, your equipment will operate no matter which vehicle is towing it. That’s the promise we make to our customers such as Drake Trailers, Maxitrans Group, and Krueger Trailers to name but a few relying on us to ensure their customer is delivered something they can tow away and rely on. Lucidity is the only partner in the country that can make this happen and our reputation within the industry is a testament to this. The Lucidity Australia team all work at ground level. We see, hear and improve what the industry has to say about the competitor’s materials in the industry. It surprises many to see we are able to prove time and time again even the most expensive brands do not always work in our environment.

We are the only source you can rely on to get it done right day in and day out. Insist on Lucidity engineered solutions.

Come see us at Booth 299 PLAZA at the Brisbane Truck Show for more information! We look forward to seeing you there.

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