VDA System Two Years On


It’s been two years now since our first VDA (Visual Dock Assistant) system was fitted to a B double trailer set for Wickham Freight Lines at the products launch at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. Pictured above is that very trailer. What a stark contrast to what’s typically seen after two years of operation. The rear of the trailer is showing no signs of heavy impact and the bumpers, lighting and impact protection are all in remarkable condition. Any damage to a trailer or to infrastructure can cause delays and cost money to repair. It’s very clear that this set of trailers is not responsible for any damage and the driver can reverse this set with confidence. Damage equates to losses through trailer and dock down times, particularly for the owner, operator and the docking/warehouse facility, but can also mean you are not a preferred transport operator if you are not protecting your own and your customer’s investments. Since this introduction Lucidity have sold a remarkable amount of VDA units Australia wide with a real impact on safety, reliability and equipment management, there is no doubt the Lucidity VDA is proven practical solution to reversing and docking. The Lucidity VDA can be specified at OE trailer purchase or as an add on at a later date. When buying new equipment, you need to insist on Lucidity Lighting and electrical equipment it’s easy to see we do protect your business.


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