Put Away the Soldering Iron!

When Lucidity Australia first developed the Lucidity Link front and side marker who would have thought that it would be the leading side marker installed on Tippers. With the side rail extrusion being a massive moisture and dirt trap for corrosive materials leading to failure of soldered joints, this paved the way for the success of the Lucidity Link side marker.

To solve this warranty issue Lucidity Link removes the need to solder the light to the cable; instead the lights are ‘linked’ together in a string using industry standard DT (deutsch) connectors. Not only does the Lucidity Link decrease the expensive warranty bill but also substantially improves assembly time as no labor is required to solder, leading to production efficiency improvements, so a double win. In fact a triple win, it also removes the need for specialized soldering skills.

What’s next in the Lucidity Link family to carry on the success of the front and side marker story?

It’s here, industry first, Lucidity Link 4” round grommet and rectangle rear lights new to the Lucidity Link family. Now the complete trailer can be illuminated using the benefits realized by Lucidity Link, this is a game changer for robust lighting solutions to the transport industry. No expensive harness required connecting multiple grommet lights together plus removing the need to solder. Each grommet light has 2 DT connectors, 1 in and 1 out to allow a string of lights to be connected. Connect Stop, Tail, Indicator and Reverse together, in any sequence, for quick, easy, reliable and robust lighting solutions.

The benefits for semi-trailer and rigid body builders will be realized instantaneously: craftsmanship with improved warranty, speed to assembly leading to production efficiency gains.

Lucidity Australia prides itself on delivering innovative design solutions to real world transport industry challenges; with the addition of the rear lighting to the Lucidity Link lighting family this has been achieved. Put away that soldering iron, join the Lucidity Link lighting solution.

Come see us at Booth 299 PLAZA at the Brisbane Truck Show for more information! We look forward to seeing you there.


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