Green is good

Lucidity’s TEBS Status Lamp kit takes the guesswork out of ascertaining that such systems in multi-trailer combinations are operating correctly. All the operator needs to do is ensure that the light on each trailer is green and if so, from a TEBS perspective, everything is good to go.

The triple or quad road train driver already has enough on their plate without having to wonder whether the Trailer Electronic Braking System (TEBS) on the rig is working as it should.

Yet if the TEBS on just one trailer in a multi-combination has malfunctioned it could potentially spell disaster if the driver is forced to make an emergency stop or sudden evasive manoeuvre.

Put simply, the more trailers there are in tow, the more a fully functioning EBS can make the difference between a combination staying stable and upright or ending up on its side.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that many companies stipulate, as part of due diligence, that their drivers must not drive a multi-combination vehicle if the TEBS is faulty in any way.
Fortunately, Lucidity’s TEBS Status Lamp immediately displays TEBS Status for all trailers individually after the ignition is switched on, meaning the driver can be assured of full EBS functionality during a quick walk-around as part of a pre-trip inspection.

The Lucidity system also makes the fault-finding process much easier and less time consuming because the fault can be pinpointed to a particular trailer that’s showing a red light.

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