Bulk haulage with a difference

With more than 30 years of product development and innovation, Lucidity Australia is a premier manufacturer of safety lighting products, wire harnesses and electronics. Robuk Engineering relies on the company’s expertise and support to deliver a variety of quality Performance-Based Standards (PBS) trailers.

Based in Hemmant, in the Port of Brisbane, Robuk Engineering designs, develops, manufactures and sells premium custom-built aluminium and steel trailers for the Australian bulk haulage market.

“Due to the fantastic grain season we’ve had in recent times, Robuk has been producing low tare aluminium tippers with the majority of our trailers being used in Performance-Based Standards (PBS) A-double, AB-triple and standard B-double configurations,” says James of Robuk. “We have previously built aluminium and steel ‘mine spec’ side tippers as well as moving floors.”

Robuk commenced operations in June 2020, according to James, and has been working with Lucidity Australia ever since.

“Having previous experience with Lucidity, we knew the product, experience, quality and aftersales service we were getting, so it was a no brainer to get them on board from the very start,” he says.

Robuk relies on Lucidity Australia for a variety of products.

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