Extreme makeover

The current X-treme Wide Belt Trailer from PUMPA Manufacturing, according to Sales Manager, Jason King, has hit the mark delivering quarry products in and around Sydney.

“Fast and safe unload times make it the ideal choice for drivers who need to complete multiple trips per day maximising productivity while utilising one of the safest unloading systems on the market,” he says.

Critical to the success of PUMPA’s trailer builds, over the past two years, is its partnership with lighting and wiring solution provider, Lucidity Australia.

Lucidity Australia produces entire kit designs for trailer builds thanks to its in-house engineering team. Lucidity typically manages electrical content, design, Bill of Materials (BoM), manufacture and supply for trailer manufacturers. The business has a vast selection of kits it can draw on at any time, standardising materials on a clear layout with drawings detailing BoM. This means that every trailer is wired the same way and repeatable for production which really helps get trailers through the electrical finishing area.

Trailer electrical schematic drawings assist the finishing team to ensure correct fitment, too, whereas the layout drawing is also a permanent record of electrical materials fitted to a trailer. In the future, should there need to be any troubleshooting needed, additional materials or parts needing replacement, the process of part identification is straightforward.

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