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Based in the central-western NSW city of Parkes, trailer builder Midland Industries has been using Lucidity lighting products for more than a decade. Reliability, durability and ease of installation and replacement are key reasons for the enduring relationship.

When you’re on a good thing stick to it. It might be a well-worn cliché but it certainly sums up the thought processes behind Midland’s decision to solely rely on Lucidity for the electrical fit-out of its trailer builds.

Martin Larsen co-founded Midland Industries with his brother Ben and this arrangement continued until late last year when the Larsens welcomed a Melbourne-based investor with a background in trailer building into the partnership to enable the company to expand its operations.

Asked about his initial experience with Lucidity products, Martin says the company was recommended to him by a friend.

“Someone recommended we try Lucidity products due to their plug-and-play (P&P) lighting system, which we did, and we fitted them to a trailer for the first time about 10.5 years ago,” Martin says.

“We could see a real benefit in the P&P system because no other manufacturer offered it and we soon started using it to advertise what we believed to be an important point of difference between our products and those of our competitors.”

Martin goes on to explain that the P&P system not only expedites wiring the trailer at the manufacturing stage, but also saves time for the owner if lights need to be replaced down the track.

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