Understanding Transport Sectors (Refrigeration)

When you see a refrigerated vehicle travelling along the road I would suggest most people simply see a truck and trailer. In reality you should see a very complex working vehicle that delivers fresh produce to supermarkets or catering companies which in turn feed our families, hospitals restaurants and all places that have a need for produce to arrive at highest possible quality standard in order to be consumed. As consumers we have an expectation that this delivery has maintained the quality required for safe consumption. Everyone in this supply chain takes this business very seriously as any mistake can be costly not only to livelihoods but to the health & safety of workers and consumers. Just as the complex supply chain for produce delivery needs to work coherently, all components on a refrigerated trailer need share that same industry operational cohesion.

This complex vehicle makes a livelihood for its owner, its driver, its spare parts supplier, its OEM manufacturer and in turn the companies preparing and selling our food. I would go as far as to say that this simple looking vehicle many take for granted is one of the life support systems to our complex web of food convenience. Making food easily and readily available safe for consumption is something we as consumers no longer need to understand nor give much thought. There are very few that know what happens to get our supplies to the local supermarket.

Fortunately, Lucidity Australia takes this very seriously. The team at Lucidity have worked and studied within this industry for the last 17 years and have come up with some very robust products that support the notion of uninterrupted supply and demand. Not only do we design and supply the electrical equipment but we ensure each component has the capability to be integrated into our wiring systems with ease that supports safety and maximum return.

Refrigerated trailers reverse to a loading dock. It is important the trailer is reversed carefully without damage to it and or infrastructure. As a driver aide Lucidity have established the VDA (Visual Dock Assistant) which is the only ADR approved mounted reverse sensor system that will operate on any towing vehicle. The VDA system will operate on 12, 24 and reduced 24 Volts and will operate on trailers fitted with and without TEBS systems. If you damage unloading infrastructure and or your trailer there is a chance you could injure someone and perhaps you will not be able to unload your produce. Insurance claims are time consuming and costly, the VDA system helps to avoid those situations ensuring safer operation and greater chance to deliver on time.

Once docked some trailers operate as a rollback box and require the use of a hydraulic pump to move the box over to the rear turn table allowing access to the dock. This is powered by a 12V battery and this battery requires charging. Lucidity Australia has the only charging system available in Australia that will recharge and protect the battery asset at any input voltage from any vehicle towing it. 12V, 24V or reduced 24V will offer a recharge opportunity. Why is this so important? Without a charged battery, you will not move the box for unloading which prevents the supply of goods.

Whilst unloading, the trailers vision within the trailer is important. This creates a safe work place and helps prevent damage to the mechanical structure and produce within the trailer. Lucidity Australia’s range of interior lighting is considered superior to any on the market. With higher lumen per dollar output than other brands used in this sector and a convenient fitment connection system it’s hard not to see this products viability. Couple that with our timer switch and you have a formidable combination of product that is designed to work coherently AND protect your produce. How?  Normally, interior lamps in fridge trailers are powered using the fridge plant battery. Without a product protecting this battery it would be very easy to flatten it rendering the fridge pant inoperable. Luckily our design team have come up with a very special timer switch that will not allow interior lamps to flatten your fridge plant battery.

The forementioned products are designed in ways which demonstrate Lucidity Australia’s great understanding of the industry’s demands. We grasp the importance of produce and the purpose of each product for the market. Within this market sector, chargers aren’t just chargers, switches aren’t just switches and lamps aren’t just lamps. There is a wealth of consideration and experience that goes into each and every product before we put our name on it and or recommend it to a sector so sensitive to stoppages. To put it simply, no other company in this country has our experience, we are so involved in this market it would be difficult not to see our influence and or product somewhere. With the industries help and trust we will continue to grow our range of products and ensure our vision is upheld.


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