Shining light on safety industry-wide

With more road trains and large heavy vehicle combinations operating on Australian roads every day, operator demand for reliable safety features is on the rise. Lucidity Australia accommodates this need with its new EBS Status Lamp Kit.

The new Lucidity EBS Status Lamp Kit is a safe and economic investment that is capable of pinpointing Electronic Braking System (EBS) faults individually in a simple and fast process, giving drivers extra validation of safety.

Lucidity developed this kit with every aspect of productivity and safety in mind, and as a result, it has once again delivered on its commitment to innovative solutions with 30 years of expertise.

Lucidity Australia President, Mathew Jenkins, says the product takes the guesswork out of assessing the correct operation of EBS in multiple-trailer combinations, as each trailer must have its own lamp fitted.

“All trailers are now fitted mandatory with EBS which controls the stability of a trailer under braking,” he says. “However, until recently an operator would not know the EBS is functional until driving away in their vehicle with trailers in tow, which is too late. As a result, it’s not surprising that many companies stipulate, as part of due diligence, that their drivers must not drive a multi-combination vehicle if the Trailer Electronic Braking System (TEBS) is faulty in any way.”

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