Optimal truck and trailer battery operations with Lucidity

When a truck or trailer build does not factor in battery requirements it can present issues for the fleet. Fortunately, Lucidity Australia caters for this while striving to protect equipment with every design in its Australian-made Charge Plus product range.

Lucidity was established in 1981, and over the years it has acted as a primary and leading manufacturer of wiring and lighting products for transport industries around the world. With quality lighting products across the board at an affordable cost, it’s a brand many fleets continue to invest in with each trailer delivery.

According to Lucidity Australia President, Mathew Jenkins, the refrigerated transport industry heavily relies on battery power, but many operators forget to consider the loss of income with battery maintenance.

“Starting engines, powering lighting and electric hydraulic power packs are essential tasks which batteries are used for,” he says. “But when aftermarket products are fitted to these vehicles it’s often not considered how they may contribute to the loss of income or costly battery maintenance. For example, fridge plants all rely on a 12V battery to keep engines starting, and for every refrigerated trailer there are an array of accessories fitted to them sharing the very important power resource – for instance, interior lighting.”

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