Pumpa Manufacturing Teams Up with Lucidity Australia…

Industry leading trailer manufacturer, Pumpa Manufacturing has a 30+ year heritage in the rural Victorian town of Swan Hill. Rich in knowhow and universally accepted in the industry the brand Pumpa can be found readily across the country. In 2015 the business was acquired by Mike Bulluss and Jason King who are well known within the industry for being inventive frontrunners with a combined 50 years’ experience in manufacturing and selling specialized equipment for transport.

In a recent move, Mike and Jason invited the expertise of Lucidity Australia into the business. “What Lucidity offers Pumpa Manufacturing is a proactive supply partner”. Lucidity’s tailor designed ‘plug and play’ electrical kits, offer a solid solution for the most basic of Skel trailers through to the most complex of Extendable and Deck Wideners. Lucidity’s in-house capability means that once a trailer is in final fitout, the team at Pumpa install the wiring and electrical package with ease. A detailed installation schematic outlining the location and installation position of all materials is included in the comprehensive kits supplied by Lucidity. While Pumpa fabricate their trailer, the team at Lucidity goes to work on manufacturing the approved electrical kit. Like clockwork a complete wiring and lighting kit arrives in time for trailer finishing. The comprehensive materials included in these kits can do everything modern trailers require. Compliance to ADR, wiring, lighting, charging, switching, power regulation and all in one convenient kit. There are no longer concerns over which vehicle will tow this trailer, 12 Volts, 24 Volts and reduced 24 Volts all catered for, this means no surprises at delivery time. All included products are designed to last the rigors of the harsh Australian environment meeting the IP67 rating.

During the manufacturing process you do sometimes encounter additional features required by customer not included in the original scope. No problem for the team at Lucidity. With communication between the teams, Pumpa and Lucidity, a no compromise solution is always attainable. Thanks to the flexible core base design of the materials from Lucidity Australia anything is overcome.

Thanks to a highly engineered and innovative design, Pumpa are finding a growing sector of their business being their Tipper market. Utilizing high quality structural aluminum the tipper range from Pumpa really is outclassing the competition. To support such a sound mechanically advanced product you would expect an electrical system with no compromise, enter, Lucidity Australia. Tipping trailers have some unique obstacles, to overcome them, the latest in products from Lucidity have been utilized. This includes the very unique Lucidity Link lighting meaning ZERO splicing inside extrusions eliminating any kinds of copper corrosion on side lamp wiring, the IDM based cable distribution offering waterproof electrical performance as well as our service and back up support.

The culmination of this partnership provides the end user satisfaction in knowing they have a highly engineered mechanical and electrical system the Australian premium Tipper trailer market demands. The team at Lucidity Australia would like to thank the Pumpa Manufacturing team for their cooperation and we are committed to bringing you and your customers the support and products the market deserves.

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