Lucidity Australia OMP Range: Revolutionizing Transport

Lucidity Australia OMP Range: Revolutionizing Transport

Welcome to Lucidity Australia, the leading provider of innovative solutions for the transport industry. We are proud to introduce the OMP Range, a revolutionary system designed to transform the way you experience the electrical and lighting needs of your trailers and trucks.

Streamline Installations and Cut Maintenance Costs with OMP Range

Lucidity Australia’s OMP system is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates all lighting and electrical components, eliminating complex installations and reducing maintenance costs. Our cutting-edge technology ensures hassle-free wiring and compatibility with all current 12V and 24V plugs. With the OMP plug-in socket kits, you can wire your vehicles just once, significantly reducing installation time and costs.

A Wide Range of Functionalities for Optimal Performance

The OMP system offers many functionalities to meet your specific requirements. Our system has you covered from operating side and front markers to license plate and work lamps, beacons, and rear combination lamps. Additionally, the OMP system provides a direct interface to battery charging hardware and voltage boosters commonly found on many trailers. Our connectors are colour-coded for easy replacement and water-resistant to prevent corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Thoughtfully Designed Components for Simplified Installations

Lucidity Australia takes pride in the well-thought-out design of the OMP range. Every component, from sockets to side markers, has been carefully considered to simplify installations and minimize maintenance costs. Our concept has received positive reactions from manufacturers and owner-drivers alike, demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting the demands of any combination of lighting, wiring, and hardware.

Notable Products in the OMP Range

One of our standout offerings is the Moulded Junction, an IP66-rated solution that eliminates the need for conventional junction box installations. With pre-assembled cables available and no assembly time required, the Moulded Junction ensures a quick and efficient installation process. It is road train capable and DG-approved, meeting the highest industry standards.

Another exceptional product is the T-Junction, which replaces conventional junction box installations and boasts an IP66 rating. With hassle-free assembly and a pre-assembled 4-way cable option, the T-Junction guarantees optimal performance and safety. It is also DG-approved, further enhancing its reliability.

Reliability and Durability in Demanding Environments

Our sockets are ADR approved for 42/04, 64/00, and SAEJ560, providing reliability and durability in demanding environments. With a current rating of 30 Amps per pole at 12 Volts, our sockets offer superior performance. They come with a waterproof silicone seal, making them resistant to the elements. It’s important to note that our sockets are only interchangeable with Lucidity OMP harnesses and accept 6mm cables. They are suitable for use in road train applications and are DG-approved, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Enhance Your OMP System with Accessories and Customized Solutions

To further enhance your OMP system, Lucidity Australia offers a range of accessories. Our Heavy Duty Switch Module replaces conventional junction box installations, offering IP66 protection and easy fitting to any installation.

For convenient and cost-effective solutions, we provide Blanking Plugs. These IP66-rated plugs replace more expensive Deutsch connectors and cavity plugs. They can be easily fitted to any installation and require no assembly time, saving valuable installation hours.

Our OMP Harnesses are customized solutions engineered to save hours in installation time. With specialized lengths and connectors, including Deutsch, Welded-Ends, and Straight Cut Finishes, our harnesses guarantee performance in various conditions with their IP66 rating. They can be adapted to operate multiple sockets on the front and/or rear of trailers, providing flexibility and convenience. Customized cable lengths are available upon request.

Experience Flexibility with the OMP Flat Connector

We also offer an optional OMP Flat Connector, an IP66-rated connector designed for confined spaces. It provides a great alternative for installations with limited room and can be customized to operate multiple sockets on the front and/or rear of trailers.

Join the Transport Industry Revolution with Lucidity Australia’s OMP Range

In conclusion, Lucidity Australia’s OMP range is a game-changer for the transport industry. Our innovative plug-in technology simplifies installations, reduces costs, and improves overall efficiency. With the Moulded Junction, T-Junction, sockets, switch modules, blanking plugs, and harnesses, we provide comprehensive solutions designed with quality, reliability, and ease of use in mind. Trust Lucidity Australia to lead the way in transforming your operations and ensuring safer and more efficient experiences for truck drivers, fleet owners, and manufacturers.

Revolutionize the Transport Industry with Lucidity Australia’s OMP Range

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