LED Slim Line Utility Lamp

LED Slim Line Utility Lamp: Illuminate Your Industrial Space with Lucidity Australia’s Innovation

Lucidity Australia continues to push the boundaries of lighting solutions with their latest innovation – the LED Slim Line Utility Lamp, designated as part number 22755CK-V. This advanced product is tailored to excel in challenging environments, making it the preferred option for various industrial applications. Let’s delve into the exceptional characteristics of this groundbreaking product and explore why it stands out as an inventive and dependable lighting solution.

Exceptional LED Slim Line Utility Lamp Features

Defying elements, the lamp’s IP67 rating ensures full protection against dust for uninterrupted operation in harsh conditions. Unique lens styling optimizes light distribution, enhancing visibility and energy efficiency. Versatility shines with support for 12V, 24V, and reduced 24V operation, while durability, surge protection, and stainless-steel elegance make it a reliable, stylish choice for industrial spaces.

 Defying the Elements with IP67 Rating

Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, the Lucidity Australia LED Slim Line Utility Lamp boasts an IP67 rating. This designation ensures complete protection against dust ingress, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation even in the most extreme weather conditions. This remarkable durability renders it a prime choice for outdoor industrial applications where resilience is paramount.

Optimal Illumination through Unique Lens Styling

An exceptional trait of this utility lamp is its distinctive lens styling, enhancing both its visual appeal and light distribution capabilities. The LED illumination, angled downwards at 15 degrees, not only maximizes coverage but also minimizes light wastage. This results in superior lighting performance for a range of industrial tasks.

Enhanced Versatility with 12/24 & Reduced 24V Operation

Addressing diverse applications, the LED Lamp accommodates both 12V and 24V operation. Additionally, the option for reduced 24V operation broadens compatibility with various power systems, making it a versatile choice for industrial setups with varying voltage demands.

Unyielding Protection via Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Lens

Durability is a cornerstone of demanding environments, and the LED Slim Line Utility Lamp excels in this aspect. It is outfitted with a heavy-duty polycarbonate lens, providing exceptional resistance against impacts, vibrations, and scratches. This robust build ensures longevity, thus reducing maintenance expenses and downtime.

Safeguarding against Electrical Surges with 80V Surge Protection

Electrical surges pose common challenges in industrial settings. To mitigate such unforeseen events, the LED Slim Utility Lamp incorporates 80V surge protection. This built-in safety mechanism shields the lamp and connected electrical systems from voltage spikes, ensuring unwavering reliability and longevity.

Adaptable Illumination Solutions for Varied Applications

The Lucidity Australia LED Slim Line Utility Lamp is an impeccable choice for exterior downward lighting requirements – from mining sites and construction zones to marine environments and agricultural settings. Its rugged construction and weather-resistant design render it an invaluable asset in demanding outdoor conditions.

Harmonizing Style with Strength through a Unique Styled Stainless Steel Bezel

The LED Slim Line Utility Lamp features an elegant stainless-steel bezel, seamlessly combining sophistication with its robust design. This fusion of aesthetics and strength guarantees not only high performance but also a visually appealing presence.

Maintaining Clarity via a Protective Lens in Harsh Environments

The lamp’s protective lens goes the extra mile to uphold optical clarity in challenging environments. By safeguarding the lens from debris, dust, and chemicals, it ensures consistent and clear illumination over time. This minimizes the need for maintenance while maximizing efficiency.


The Lucidity Australia LED Slim Line Lamp (part number 22755CK-V) redefines excellence in exterior downward illumination. With its IP67 rating, unique lens styling, versatile voltage options, heavy-duty construction, surge protection, and stainless-steel bezel, this product sets a new standard for lighting solutions in rugged industrial environments. Opt for the LED Slim Utility Lamp to experience unparalleled performance and reliability for your industrial lighting needs. Illuminate your space with brilliance from Lucidity Australia.

LED Slim Line Utility Lamp

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