LED Cab Marker Lamp

LED Cab Marker Lamp: Illuminate with Lucidity

Illuminate Your Journey with Lucidity Australia’s 22420K Series


Lucidity Australia, the leading name in innovative automotive lighting solutions, proudly introduces its latest product, the 22420K Series LED Cab Marker Lamp. Engineered to perfection, this cutting-edge product illuminates your path with exceptional brightness and unmatched reliability. Whether you’re a professional trucker, an off-road enthusiast, or a recreational traveller, the 22420K Series is designed to enhance your driving experience, ensuring safety and style on every journey.

Unveiling the 22420K Series LED Cab Marker Lamp

The 22420K Series by Lucidity Australia is a revolutionary addition to the world of automotive lighting. Available in three variants, each designed for specific preferences and needs:

22420CAK-VBL (Clear Lens/Amber LED’s)

22420AK-VBL (Amber Lens/Amber LED’s)

22420CK-VBL (Clear Lens/White LED’s)


Lucidity Australia’s 22420K Series LED Cab Marker Lamp boasts a range of features that set it apart:

ADR Approved:

Our LED Cab Marker complies with Australian Design Rules, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards for road use.

12/24 Dual Voltage:

Designed to be versatile, this lamp operates seamlessly on both 12V and 24V systems, catering to a wide range of vehicles.

IP67 Water/Dustproof:

Built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, this lamp is sealed to perfection, making it both water and dustproof.

Heavy-duty Polycarbonate Lens:

The lamp features a robust polycarbonate lens that is scratch-resistant and durable, guaranteeing longevity and crystal-clear visibility.

Retro Design:

Combining modern LED technology with a retro design, this cab marker lamp adds a touch of classic style to your vehicle.

5-Year Warranty:

Lucidity Australia stands behind the quality of its products. The 22420K Series comes with a 5-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

Can Be Fitted With or Without Visor:

Whether you prefer the streamlined look without a visor or the added protection of a visor, the 22420K Series is customizable to your preference.


Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting system with Lucidity Australia‘s 22420K Series LED Cab Marker Lamp. Illuminate your path with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and stylish companion on your journeys. Choose the variant that suits your style and experience the difference that top-quality, ADR-approved lighting can make. Don’t just drive; drive with brilliance, drive with Lucidity Australia’s 22420K Series Cab Marker Lamp.


Lucidity Australia- LED Cab Marker Lamp



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