EBS Solutions : Lucidity catapults on success with new offering

Given the overwhelming success of Lucidity Australia’s EBS Status Lamp System, they introduced new plug-and-play EBS solutions: the EBS Socket Duplicator and EBS Junction box for the EBS trailer market.

Lucidity Australia is capitalizing on the resounding success of its EBS Status Lamp Kit, a product that has garnered widespread popularity in the market. Building on this momentum, the company is proud to introduce its latest innovations: the EBS Socket Duplicator and EBS Junction Box tailored for lead trailers and dollies.

The new external EBS Junction Box boasts small footprint mounting feet with convenient fasteners, ensuring effortless installation. It is equipped with two 4mm-squared and four 1.5mm-squared cables specifically designed for road train applications. Notably, these products, now IP67-rated, are designed to resemble industry-standard EBS cable connectors, as highlighted by Lucidity Australia President, Mathew Jenkins.

Mathew emphasizes the company’s commitment to expanding their range of high-quality EBS materials. The goal is to create fully modular interconnects that are exceptionally easy to replicate whenever a new trailer is constructed. In his words, “Our aim is to simplify the wiring process for trailers, particularly given the unique wiring requirements in Australia. These new products cater to this specific niche, providing seamless solutions.”

In addition to the EBS Socket Duplicator and EBS Junction Box, Lucidity Australia introduces pre-wired sockets compatible with both 12- and 24-volt systems. When paired with Lucidity’s cable kits or splitter boxes, these pre-wired sockets drastically reduce socket replacement times. What used to take hours can now be accomplished in just a few moments, thanks to these innovative additions.

A pivotal aspect of these pre-wired sockets is the bayonet connector, seamlessly integrated into the short tail of the socket. This connector directly interfaces with Lucidity’s cable or junction box systems, showcasing the efficiency of Lucidity’s EBS Solutions. According to Mathew, this design eliminates all the stress associated with socket replacements. It represents a significant advancement, ensuring that the process is not only quicker but also much more straightforward for technicians and trailer builders alike.

With these new additions to the Lucidity EBS range, the company continues to redefine industry standards, providing efficient and user-friendly solutions for the ever-evolving needs of the market.

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