Enhancing Trailer Reversing Safety with Lucidity Visual Dock Assistant (VDA)

Enhancing Trailer Reversing Safety with Lucidity Visual Dock Assistant (VDA)

Reversing a trailer or trailer combination poses a formidable challenge for truck drivers, demanding the coordination of multiple sensory activities. Estimating the distance to the target is just one element of this complex maneuver. Lucidity addresses these challenges with its state-of-the-art Lucidity Visual Dock Assistant (VDA), providing an accurate and exact distance message, and eliminating the need for estimations. This innovative technology significantly reduces collision risks and damage to machinery and infrastructure.

Key Features of Lucidity Visual Dock Assistant (VDA):

  1. Optical Distance Indication:

  • Lucidity VDA offers operators five stages of optical indication of the distance to a loading dock, ensuring a comprehensive guide during the reversing process.
  1. Universal Compatibility:

  • Fits Any Trailer: The Lucidity VDA system can be fitted to any trailer, independent of specific equipment combinations.
  • Electrical Connection: Requires standard electrical connections for lighting.
  • Voltage Compatibility: Works on both 12V and 24V and is compatible with voltage reducers commonly found on European trucks.
  • Wiring Standards: Adheres to AS2513 and AS4735 wiring standards.
  1. Compatibility with EBS/ABS:

  • Lucidity VDA is compatible with trailers both with and without Electronic Braking System (EBS). It is a visual system that seamlessly integrates with different trailer configurations.
  1. Digital Ultrasonic Sensor Technology:

  • The VDA system employs a Digital Ultrasonic Sensor, ensuring accurate distance measurement irrespective of temperature or climatic conditions.
  1. Versatility in Application:

  • Petrol and Gas Tankers: Specifically designed for use with petrol and gas tankers, complying with AS2809.1/2809.2 for cabling and lighting.

How Lucidity Visual Dock Assistant (VDA) Works:

The Lucidity VDA system activates when the vehicle’s reverse gear is selected.

Two highly accurate digital sensors are activated, and flexible-based marker lamps extend past the trailer’s body line.


As the vehicle moves into the sensing area, the lamps flash at a consistent rate.

The two-sensor system detects loading docks, with the flexible lamp responding with a steady slow flash within 1.65 meters.

As the vehicle gets closer, the flash rate increases until it illuminates solid, indicating a proximity of 300mm and signalling the need to brake.

The system automatically turns off when reverse is no longer selected.

Additional Benefits:

  • ADR-Approved LED Lighting: Lucidity VDA uses LED lighting approved under ADR45 guidelines.


  • Operates on All Voltages: Works on all voltages commonly found in the Australian Trucking Industry, including reduced 24V supply from European trucks.


  • Reduces Driver Fatigue: Enhances safety by reducing the stress and fatigue associated with trailer reversing.


  • Reduces Collision Frequency: A valuable tool in minimizing the frequency of collisions and damage to vehicles and property.


  • Manufactured in Australia: The Lucidity VDA is proudly manufactured in Australia, and designed to withstand and excel in Australian conditions.

Lucidity Visual Dock Assistant (VDA) Kit Options:

Choose the Lucidity visual Do VDA Kit that suits your installation needs:

  • 3371291: VDA Kit with Straight Sensor & Mounting Hardware 26559 Lamp.
  • 3370344: VDA Kit with Straight Sensor & Mounting Hardware 26561 Lamp.
  • 3370693: VDA Kit with Straight Sensor & Mounting Hardware 26563 Lamp.

Why Choose Lucidity Visual Dock Assistant (VDA):

  • Easily Fitted: Suitable for OEM and after-market installations.
  • Simplifies Combinations: Does not complicate truck-trailer combinations.
  • ADR Approved LED Lighting: Meets the highest standards of LED lighting.
  • Enhances Safety: Reduces collision risks and damage frequency.
  • Tailored Options: Two sensor types are available to accommodate different installation preferences.

In conclusion, the Lucidity Visual Dock Assistant (VDA) is a revolutionary solution for trailer reversing, offering unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and safety. Elevate your trailer reversing experience with Lucidity VDA and ensure a safer, more efficient operation for your fleet.

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