Lucidity Australia Marker Lamp

Lucidity Australia Marker Lamp: Upgrade with 26281CAARK-BV2

Illuminate your drive with the brilliance of Lucidity Australia Marker Lamp, featuring the advanced 26281CAARK-BV2 LED Marker Lamp


In the fast-evolving landscape of automotive lighting, Lucidity Australia takes centre stage with its avant-garde solutions. The 26281CAARK-BV2 Lucidity Australia Marker Lamp is not just an illuminating accessory; it’s a fusion of style and functionality, setting a new standard in the realm of vehicle lighting. This in-depth review explores the features that position this marker lamp as a must-have for automotive enthusiasts.

Seamless Installation: No Wire Splicing Required:

A standout feature of the 26281CAARK-BV2 Lucidity Australia Marker Lamp is its user-friendly installation process. Bid farewell to convoluted setups and time-consuming wire splicing. Designed for efficiency, this marker lamp is an optimal choice for both professional installers and avid DIY enthusiasts alike.

ADR Approved: Prioritizing Safety and Compliance

Safety takes precedence on the road, and Lucidity Australia places it at the forefront with the ADR-approved 26281CAARK-BV2 LED marker lamp. This approval not only ensures compliance but goes above and beyond the rigorous standards set for automotive lighting, providing drivers with the assurance of a safe and reliable lighting solution.

Versatility: Easily Integrate Additional Lamps

Customization is key, and the 26281CAARK-BV2 excels in providing flexibility. With its seamless integration of additional lamps, drivers can tailor their lighting setup to meet specific needs, whether for enhanced visibility or a personalized aesthetic touch.

Industry-Standard DT Type Connectors: Enhancing Efficiency

Recognizing the importance of compatibility, Lucidity Australia equips the 26281CAARK-BV2 with industry-standard DT Type Connectors. This not only enhances the lamp’s efficiency but also ensures a smooth integration with your vehicle’s electrical system, contributing to a consistent and reliable lighting performance.

Distinctive Design: Connecting Multiple Lamps with Ease

Make a statement on the road with the 26281CAARK-BV2’s distinctive design, allowing for the effortless connection of multiple lamps. Lucidity Australia understands the value of individuality, empowering drivers to express their unique style through their vehicle’s lighting choices.


  • Part No.: 26281CAARK-BV2
  • Housing: Black
  • Lens Colour: Clear
  • LED Colour: Amber/Red
  • Connection: Deutsch Connector

Spare Parts & Accessories:

  • 67281: Chrome Housing to Suit 26281 Marker Lamps
  • 67281B: Black Housing to Suit 26281 Marker Lamps
  • 69281: Rubber Mounting Grommet

Elevate Your Vehicle’s Aesthetics:

Enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle with the sleek black housing and clear lens of the 26281CAARK-BV2. The amber/red LED colours not only provide a distinctive appearance but also serve as effective side turn indicators, significantly contributing to overall road safety.

Upgrade with Lucidity Australia Marker Lamp:

Lucidity Australia doesn’t just offer a product; they provide a comprehensive lighting solution. The availability of spare parts and accessories, such as chrome and black housing options, ensures you can tailor your lighting setup to suit your preferences.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional installer or a hands-on DIY enthusiast, the user-friendly design of the 26281CAARK-BV2 positions it as the top choice for upgrading your vehicle’s lighting. It’s time to elevate your driving experience with Lucidity Australia’s LED Marker Lamp, where style seamlessly meets functionality. Illuminate the road ahead with confidence and flair, knowing you have a reliable and stylish lighting solution at your fingertips. Upgrade to the 26281CAARK-BV2 and drive with distinction.


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