Lucidity at the Brisbane Truck Show 2019

Safety Products, Creative Ideas, forward thinking and problem solvers were some of the reasons so many people visited the Lucidity display at this year’s Brisbane Truck show.

The Lucidity Australia team has recently returned from a very successful 2019 Brisbane truck show held in May, from the 16th to the 19th. Attendance for this show was outstanding and the support shown by all attending was most welcomed.

The stand featured some of the all new products in the lucidity range, including the new VDA, Visual Dock Assistant, Lucidity Link marker lamp series and the newly released progressive turn Indicator products.


The interactive OMP wire harness and lighting system display also created a lot of talking points with all visitors taking time to apply what they saw to suit their own needs. Both corporate and owner operator could easily see and appreciate the application potential of all our systems.

Another large focus was placed on our battery charging and timer switch products. Part of our job is to ensure our products exceed the expectation of our clients. This is another one area where Lucidity Australia Exceeds.. Timer switches that ensure batteries are not flattened and intelligent chargers that can charge battery power packs from a simple park lamp circuit created a lot of interest.
All our staff have worked extremely hard this past 12 months bring new and innovative ideas to have on show.

Staff have all come away from the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show with a very positive response, all suggest we have a very busy balance of the year ahead to see through commitments made with those attending.

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