Illuminating Excellence: Exploring Lucidity Link Series’ Proven Expertise

Elevating Standards with Lucidity Australia’s Proven Expertise

In the landscape of automotive lighting solutions, Lucidity Australia has long been a beacon of excellence. With a wealth of experience and a portfolio of mature products, the Lucidity Link Series continues to set the standard for reliability and innovation. Though not freshly minted, these products remain at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency. Let’s explore how Lucidity Link Series products exemplify the pinnacle of automotive lighting technology.

1. 22018 – Lucidity Link Series

The Lucidity Link Series begins its roster with the 22018 model. ADR-approved and boasting vertical and horizontal mount capabilities, this product offers versatility like no other. Its heavy-duty polycarbonate lens, coupled with an IP67 rating, ensures durability even in the harshest conditions. What truly sets it apart is its unique design, allowing seamless connection of multiple lamps, all backed by a robust 5-year warranty.

2. 22551 – Lucidity Link Series

Similar to its predecessor, the 22551 model encompasses ADR approval and IP67 rating, ensuring reliability under any circumstance. Its capability for 12, 24, or Reduced 24V operation caters to diverse needs, while the industry-standard Deutsch connector simplifies installation. Like all Lucidity Link products, it comes with a reassuring 5-year warranty.

3. 26011K-5 Lucidity Link Series- LED Rear Combination Lamp

Moving on to rear combination lamps, the 26011K-5 model stands out with its intelligent load device integrated into the indicator. ADR-approved and IP67-rated, this lamp guarantees functionality and longevity. Its easy connection feature enables hassle-free setup of multiple lamps, making it a favourite among professionals. And of course, the 5-year warranty adds an extra layer of assurance.

4. 26022NCAR-1GV & 5. 26022NCCAR-1GV – LED Rear Combination Lamp

These models, equipped with intelligent load devices and dual voltage operation, further expand the Lucidity Link offerings. ADR approval, IP67 rating, and heavy-duty construction ensure top-tier performance in various applications. Plus, the in-built reflex reflector enhances safety on the road. With a 5-year warranty, peace of mind comes standard.

6. 26172 – Lucidity Link Series

Intelligence meets durability in the 26172 model, featuring an intelligent load device and heavy-duty polycarbonate lens. ADR-approved and IP67-rated, this indicator lamp excels in both performance and resilience. And with a 5-year warranty, customers can trust in its longevity.

7. 26281 – Lucidity Link Series

Versatility defines the 26281 model, allowing seamless connection of multiple lamps with any Lucidity Link cable. ADR approval and industry-standard connectors ensure compatibility and reliability, eliminating the need for wire splicing. With increased reliability and ease of installation, this model is a game-changer in the field.

8. 26281CAARK-BV2 LED Marker Lamp, Side Turn Indicator & Moulded Deutsch Connector  

Last but not least, the 26281CAARK-BV2 model combines marker lamp and side turn indicator functionalities with a moulded Deutsch connector, offering unparalleled convenience. ADR approval, IP67 rating, and a 5-year warranty complete the package, making it a sought-after solution.

In conclusion, The Lucidity Link products redefine automotive lighting with their innovative design, robust construction, and unmatched reliability. Whether it’s front, rear, or side lighting, these products offer a seamless blend of efficiency and performance, backed by a solid 5-year warranty. For those seeking the pinnacle of automotive lighting solutions, the Lucidity Link Series is a clear choice.

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