Charge Plus DC-DC Battery Chargers


Product Description

Lucidity Australia takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of Australian-designed and built chargers specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of Australia’s transport industry. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by truck trailer combinations and related applications like electric hydraulic power packs, our chargers are engineered to excel in these demanding environments.

Designed to Overcome Challenges, Setting New Standards

Our Range of Transport Industry Chargers has been meticulously crafted to address and overcome the known pitfalls associated with these applications. Drawing upon years of extensive research and hands-on experience, we have developed a series that stands out as the epitome of intelligent design, leaving no room for competition in the market.

Unparalleled Performance and Reliability

When it comes to powering your transport operations, reliability is paramount. Lucidity Australia’s chargers are built to deliver consistent and dependable performance, ensuring uninterrupted power supply throughout your journeys. With our chargers at your side, you can trust that your trucks, trailers, and electric hydraulic power packs will operate at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Tailored for the Australian Transport Industry

We understand the diverse scope of truck trailer combinations found across Australia. That’s why our chargers are meticulously tailored to cater to the unique requirements of the Australian transport industry. Whether you’re hauling goods across vast distances or navigating challenging terrains, Lucidity Australia has the perfect charging solution to keep your operations running smoothly.

Why Choose Lucidity Australia?

  • Australian-designed and built chargers: We take pride in our local expertise and craftsmanship, ensuring the highest quality standards.
  • Extensive research and experience: Our chargers are the result of years of dedicated research and real-world experience, delivering unrivalled performance.
  • Unmatched reliability: We understand the importance of a reliable power supply, and our chargers are built to deliver consistent performance in even the harshest conditions.
  • Tailored solutions: Lucidity Australia’s chargers are specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of the Australian transport industry, providing a perfect fit for your operations.

Partner with Lucidity Australia for top-of-the-line Transport Industry Chargers that exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in performance and reliability. Contact us today to discover how we can empower your transport operations for success.

Features such as:

  • Zero Stand-By Current, will not Flatten a target Battery.
  • Intelligent Input Technology, Prevent Damage to Wiring of Vehicle.
  • Operational Input Voltage Range: 12 Volt, 24 Volt & Reduced 24 Volt.
  • Continuous Charge Mode will Charge Dead Flat Battery.
  • 12 & 24 Volt Models Available.
  • The VSR input on the charger will only start charging when the voltage on
    this input reaches 13.2V (12 Volt system) or 26.4V (24 Volt system) and
    will stop charging when the voltage drops to 12.8 (12-volt system) or 25.4V
    (24-volt system). Ideal for running the charger from fridge plants or via an
    Anderson plug into the prime mover as the charger will not draw current on this
    input unless the fridge plant is running or the prime movers’ engine is running
    so therefore not flatten their batteries.

All play a significant role in ensuring our products outperform and outlast the competition.

Part Numbers:

  • 3370178 – Transport Industry Battery Charger (12 Volt)
  • 3370231 – Transport Industry Battery Charger with VSR (12 Volt)
  • 3370179 – Transport Industry Battery Charger with VSR (24 Volt)
  • 3371080 – Transport Industry Battery Charger with VSR & Battery Status Indicator (12 Volt)
  • 3371081 – Transport Industry Battery Charger with VSR & Battery Status Indicator (24 Volt)
  • 3371116 – Transport Industry Charger with VSR Remote Mounted Charger Status Lamp (12 Volt)