EBS Status Lamp Kit

Product Description

The new Lucidity EBS Status Lamp Kit’s have taken all the guesswork out of assessing the correct operation of EBS systems in multi-trailer combinations. The Lucidity EBS Lamp Kit immediately displays EBS status for all trailers individually.
Due diligence states a mandatory inspection of your entire vehicle prior to driving away. The Lucidity system makes identifying EBS status easy, saving time on fault diagnosis and provides assurance to an operator that EBS systems are working correctly.

  • No Lamp states you have a problem with power to your EBS systems. This could be in the form of a trailer not connected or power supply issue.
  • GREEN lamps states EBS systems are operational and are ready to go on that trailer.
  • RED states there is an EBS Fault on that individual trailer.

The EBS status lamps display the individual trailer status. To display correct status, it is assumed every trailer within combinations have its own status lamp.

The EBS Status Lamp Kit’s were developed by Lucidity with every aspect of safety and productivity in mind. With over 30 years of transport industry expertise, Lucidity once again deliver another innovative solution to the industry. If you have made all connections, at the time of activation the status lamp will operate in the same fashion as your dash status lamp. First of all, all lamps will activate RED briefly while the EBS systems run through their start-up process. The light on the dash then goes out and our status lamp reverts to the GREEN colour on each trailer indicating the combinations EBS system is working correctly and is safe to operate.